Ai Mi Tagai Artists

Jean-Baptiste Lagadec

Takashi Horiuchi

Gillies Adamson Semple

Alice Jacobs

Lydia Davies

Dan Isomura

Tuli Litvak

Abbi Jones

Yohei Chimura

Kenta Kawagoe

Anaïs Comer

Hitomi Usui

Hannah Doucet

Eleanor Turnbull

Daria Blum

Sean Lavelle

Yohei Watanabe

Yuuki Horiuchi

Ryunosuke Goji

Shiori Higashiyama

アイミタガイ Ai mi Tagai is a collaborative exhibition project initiated in 2019 to mark the fifth year of the international artist-in-residence exchange programme between Central Saint Martins (CSM) and the Associate Studio Programme in London (created in partnership with Acme Studios), and Tokyo University of the Arts and Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo.
The Tokyo exhibition was the first of two shows, to be followed in November 2020 by its London iteration. Due to the restrictions imposed as a result of the covid-19 pandemic the London exhibition was re-thought as a web based project which aims to support, through other means, the layers of collaboration, interaction and critical engagement that a physical exhibition would have generated - for both the artists and public.
The web-project will grow and evolve over time with the Work Space acting as an on-line open studio to share and discuss work in progress and the process of making. The Show Space will present finished work by each of the participating artists over the course of the next year. Interwoven with these elements is 'Speaking with Empathy' a project by CSM MA CCC students which includes video interviews with the artists, a digital Reading Room in which to exchange resources, and 'What is a Residency?'; workshops with UAL BA students considering residency opportunities and cultural exchange.