The Ai mi Tagai Showspace with Speaking with Empathy




Central Saint Martins






Over the course of six months, our team, consisting of Terrence Burford-Phearse, Sarah Moriarty, and Esra Vazirally, developed, curated, and launched a collection of educational resources and programming. Speaking with Artists is a series of pre-recorded artist talks in which Ai mi Tagai exhibition participating artists share their experiences and creative processes in the context of the residency. Speaking with Empathy’s digital reading room offers a platform to exchange resources around the central themes of the project. Additionally, the What is a residency? workshops offer third year BA students a chance to discuss opportunities available following graduation and the ways in which cultural exchange can and has influenced their own practice. Ai mi Tagai translates to mutal empathy in Japanese. Our project title Speaking with Empathy was born out of this consideration. The title connects our mission to speak with the artists in various conversations to bring this information to the public. 

Terrence Burford-Phearse, Sarah Moriarty, Esra Vazirally

Curators, Public Programming & Engagement 



Alice Jacobs x Terrence Phearse

Hannah Doucet x Sarah Moriarty

Tuli Litvak x Esra Vazirally

Terrence Phearse x Yuuki Horiuchi

Jean Baptiste-Lagadec x Sarah Moriarty 

Eleanor Turnbull x Terrence Phearse

Kenta Kawagoe x Sarah Moriarty